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Jan and Jen Around the World LA - Pacific Palisades, CA

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Meet Jan and Jen Around the World LA, two quirky gals who travel the globe on the cheap - exploring their own multi-cultural back yard of Los Angeles. Doing what they can to foster the common ground of different peoples and cultures, Jan and Jen set out to celebrate the world in Los Angeles, usually on a Tuesday morning to catch the best deals. Each visit to a different "country" in LA brings fun new experiences and adventures in Art, Food, Fashion and Entertainment, whether through tasting an exotic breakfast tea, enjoying a trek to a local shrine, or indulging in a holistic spa treatment.

For their Papillon Wrap Portraits, Jan chose Black Nude Dot to pair with her sexy skort ensemble and Jen chose Fair Lady to wear with white jeans. We renamed Jen's wrap after we saw how it perfectly matched Jan's convertible, a Nissan 350Z Fairlady luxury roadster Touring model with 276 horses.

You can follow Jan and Jen on their latest madcap adventure at or on Instagram @janandjenaroundtheworldla.

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