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I’m Diana Hrabowecki (aka The Red Coat Writer).  


I am working on my first novel, The Red Coat: An Illustrated Fairytale for Women

By day, I work as an executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and out of sheer necessity I designed Papillon Wrap.™ I was cold in the air-conditioned corporate tower where I work and the fashion offerings for keeping warm - those silly shrugs and suit jackets that make a woman look like a block of wood - just wouldn’t do. So I sewed my own! 

I made a wrap that was durable, lightweight and warm, yet still very sheer and feminine, one that I could wear at the office, stow in my purse while running errands at lunch and throw over my shoulders on an evening’s adventure. 

When I wore my  wrap to work, my colleagues wanted to know where I got it - and that’s what gave me the idea to make them for others!  I was encouraged to take the leap and start my own business.  MGM friends pitched in: Lisa Farsadi (featured on this website wearing wraps from the first edition of 35) and Jeremy Cole (who photographed her) generously gave their time and talent during our lunch break photo shoots; Cynthia Burstein Waldman was my first paying customer and Miche Donjaqour came up with the name, Papillon Wrap, saying that what I had created was more than just a scarf.  Cynthia Wylie, Marianne Kopie Liggett, Jan Comeau and Jennifer White Kuri of my women's business group gave me direction and support.

Wear Papillon Wrap instead of wings, to work or to a wedding, around the block or on a plane, on your day in court, your interview, your whirlwind vacation. Wear it without compromise, without haste, with pearls or flip-flops or a fancy brooch, boots and a biker jacket, or a Rolex watch. Wear it in the summertime or in the evening, at The Metropolitan Opera or the Ace Hotel. Wear it on a train to Vladivostok, a plane to LA or a soujourn to Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii. Wear it in leopard print or pure white or against your naked skin.

Wear Papillon Wrap™ ...

and let your natural beauty shine through.

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